Our Impact

Since 2013 we have seen our organization grow from 8 kids to hundreds of kids. We have seen Common Ground grow from a small surf camp dedicated to bringing the gospel of Christ to at-risk youth, into a fully functioning after-school program with 7 thriving programs. Our commitment and capacity as an organization has increased from a one-day-a-week gathering, to being open Monday through Friday as a second home for our students. On average we are feeding a large group of kids over 3 times a week, or 170 times a year!

Since knocking on the first door in the community of Oak View we have seen hundreds of kids come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and have placed them in a community that loves them. We have developed strong relationships with the local Huntington Beach School District, Police Department, Fire Department, and City Officials. More importantly, we have created a lasting relationship with the community of Oak View and the many loving families that reside there.

In our mission, we state that we seek to provide an after school program and safe community, unique for the youth of the Oak View neighborhood. We have spent years working to meet the demand for after school programs specific to low income neighborhoods. Our impact however, goes far deeper than just a much needed after-school center. The authentic community we have built here at Oak View is immeasurable - the lives touched, the youth changed, the love freely given and the hope that we constantly cling to. The hope that we have is founded in Jesus Christ - and it is in our hope for a new tomorrow, a new beginning, a new future, where we find the strength to continue loving every kid who walks through our doors.