we restore communities to the love of Christ by providing at-risk youth with community, restoration, and adventure.


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Our Mission

We are the Common Ground Foundation, a local 501c3 organization serving the youth in the Oak View community of Huntington Beach, CA. Our mission is to bring hope to at-risk youth in low income communities by providing a much needed after-school program and safe community.

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Our Impact

We exist as a community located in a warehouse where we provide an after school program. It is here that kids can come and enjoy a fun atmosphere where they are loved by our staff and volunteer leaders. We believe that the most life changing way to impact a youth’s life is to share the love and hope of Christ with them. Tangibly, this is accomplished by our various programs and initiatives specific to the community of Oak View. Our programs have only grown as the years go by, as well as our fundraising and support base.



meals served

We know first hand that food brings people together - we love that we are able to share meals with our youth, volunteers, and leaders.



Years Serving oak view

The past 5 years have been spent cultivating authentic community and building lifelong relationships in the Oak View neighborhood.



youth Impacted

Over 100 youth have walked through our doors, and experienced the love of Christ through our programs, relationships, and mentorship.


Our Programs

In order to accomplish our mission statement of restoring communities to the love of Christ, we have designed the following programs to help provide youth with Community, Restoration, and Adventure. Our approach has been unique in the sense that we have organically created and sustained these individual programs that arose out of a desire and specific need in the community. All of our programs are completely funded by our donors and fundraising events, inclusion in all of our programs come at no monetary cost to our participants.


after school programs

Every day, our doors are open from 2-6PM as an after school center. We have an average of 30-50 consistent students who come and hangout in the warehouse after they get out of school. This is a thriving and much needed center in the community that gives youth the opportunity to choose a positive healthy environment to establish their community.

Outreach programs

Our outreach programs provide various opportunities for youth and families to build healthy community in safe spaces. We have a program for almost every age group every night of the week - Meat Up Monday, High School Hangs, Jr. High Boys Bible Study, Grounded, and more.

athletic programs

Our athletic programs provide weekly opportunities for local youth to build their community while engaging in a positive environment that encourages healthy activities. We have weekly athletic nights (skate boarding and soccer primarily) that are hosted by professional athletes.

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Common Ground helps me with things that my family can’t help me with.

Brian, 14



Get Involved

We have so many opportunities to get involved - either by volunteering, sponsoring a program, donating financially, or simply praying alongside us. The littlest act or contribution goes a long way, and has a much deeper impact than you realize.


Make a Donation

All donations are tax-deductible and help us continue serving Oak View.

Volunteer opportunities

We always welcome more volunteers to get involved with our programs.

Sponsor a program

Another tangible way you can support us is by signing up to sponsor a program!