Community is the foundation to our ministry. This is accomplished through spending as much time as possible with the youth we encounter. Often times this looks like kicking a soccer ball, skateboarding, surfing, painting, playing music, or anything else you find in common with the kids. It is this sense of community that develops into strong and trustworthy relationships between our leaders and the students.

Common Ground stands firm to the belief that true Restoration can only be found through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our focus is to share the Gospel with the community we have established. This is accomplished through our various outreach events and our partnerships with local Churches. This initiative is why we as an organization truly exist, to restore communities around the world to the love of Jesus Christ. 

The communities that we serve often lack adequate opportunity for youth to experience things that many take for granted. It is because of this that we want to provide an exciting array of adventures for the youth to embark on. This includes camping trips, surf trips, mission trips, sports camps, and many other opportunities for the youth to be involved in. It is our hopes that through Adventure we are able to once more direct kids to learning more about their Creator.

oak view is our Community.


The Oak View community (located off Beach and Slater in Huntington Beach, CA) is an amazing community with incredible people. However, Oak View unfortunately has often struggled with high rates of crime, high school dropouts, domestic violence, and gang involvement. While investing in the community through several avenues, we forged deep relations with school faculty, district administration, gang prevention officers, city officials, community leaders, students, and other churches. Out of those relationships and time in prayer, Common Ground felt the call to establish roots in their first location in hopes to bring Community, Restoration, and Adventure to those middle school and high school students who often end up becoming part of the statistics that plague the Oak View community.


The warehouse is the facility in which our ministry takes place.


The heart behind this facility is to provide an after school program where kids can come and enjoy a fun atmosphere where they are loved by our staff and volunteer leaders that can point them towards a relationship with Jesus Christ. This facility is crucial to the work we do in the community. There is currently a massive need within the Oak View Community for an area where kids can come and spend time after school. The current alternative to most kids is wandering the streets where they are often exposed to gang violence and other pressures. Students are able to come to The Warehouse and experience our Bible study lessons and community enrichment programs, This does not include outdoor beach activities, day field trips, or athletics. It is simply a space where the community of Oak View can attend and feel the love of Christ. 


We have established a quality community over the last three years within Oak View. We have discipled countless kids through relationships fostered through our surf camps and recreation.


We are committed to being the connecting point where the disconnected find an alternative to the pressures of gang violence and drug abuse, through Jesus Christ.


Last year at the end of our annual camping trip, 50 kids accepted Christ. After three years of faithfully investing our time into the community, God opened the door to The Warehouse, where our discipleship will continue.